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mayfair hotel in paphos pool

A Day in the Life: Mayfair Works its Magic!

27th May 2021

Nestled in the heart of Paphos, close to the Archaeological Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the glistening Mediterranean Sea, and the bustling old town brimming with shops and restaurants galore, Mayfair is in the unique position of being able to cater to the wants and needs of all manner of travellers.

Whether experienced or fresh-faced, an adrenaline-seeker or aspirer of leisure, Mayfair is here to serve. So, what might a day in the life of a Mayfair guest look like? Read on and feel inspired!

A Bright Start to the Day

In keeping with the adage that counsels us to breakfast like kings, Mayfair never fails to deliver a fresh and rich spread of delicious goods: the brightest start to the day. Sample some of the local delicacies (halloumi is popular for a reason!), energise with a glass of juice (weary parents may opt for aromatic coffee instead…), and get ready for the day ahead.

Action stations!

With an aqua park, hub for teenagers (complete with arcade games and pool table, amongst other recreational facilities) children’s club (for ages 4 to 12), and two outdoor pools, our younger guests will delight in the opportunity to explore their surroundings independently. The Mayfair Hotel is among the best family hotels in Paphos. Safe and secure, Mayfair is a veritable haven for children wishing to laugh, play, learn and make holiday memories to last a lifetime.

Meanwhile, parents are free to do…whatever their hearts desire…

Feel like lathering on the sunscreen and lounging by the pool in a state of pure rest and relaxation with an engaging book? No problem!

Or, perhaps, you would prefer to try your hand at a new activity? Mayfair welcomes qualified scuba diving instructors to train guests on-site at their own pace. When ready, guests are transported down to the sea to try out their newly acquired skills and discover the beauty of the Mediterranean!

Of course, we also have a selection of daytime entertainment options run by our professional and personable staff members that offer a happy medium between these two extremes, inclusive of water polo, darts, shuffleboard, and aqua aerobics.

Evening bliss

Before dinner (anyone of our seven themed buffet dinners is sure to delight your tastebuds…), why not rent some bicycles from Mayfair’s professional partners and go for a leisurely ride around Paphos’ old town, soaking in the sun-kissed energy of peaceful Mediterranean living?

Come nightfall, Mayfair’s dedicated eclectic entertainment programme promises smiles galore and laughs aplenty, with guests being able to enjoy dance shows, musical tribute acts, and the ever-popular bingo. Alternatively, head to one of our modern bars for a tipple, and fret not about the kids: we will keep them happy with our special children’s programme (the mini disco being a particular favourite!).

The perfect end to the perfect day thanks to a little sprinkling of Mayfair magic.