Activities & Leisure

Swimming Pools

There are 4 main pools: one at Mayfair Hotel side, two at Mayfair Gardens side, and one indoor pool operating Nov.-April. There is also a shallow kids pool and a Jungled Themed Children’s Aqua Splash.

  1. Mayfair Hotel Swimming Pools:206m2, depth 90-165cm
  2. Mayfair Gardens Swimming Pools:Lagoon shape 307m2
  3. Indoor Pool:64m2
  4. Children’s Aqua Splash:293m2


Mayfair is home to a fully equipped gym, complete with treadmill, spin bike, multi-exercise bars, elliptical machine, pull-up machine, steps, and work bench. After you’ve worked up a sweat and feel energised, head to the sauna to ease your muscles and finish off your workout.


To ensure our guests are enjoying their holidays to the fullest, Mayfair organises an exciting eclectic array of entertainment daily during the day and night. From tribute bands bringing classic songs to life, to karaoke nights that give our guests 15 minutes of fame, to suspense-filled bingo nights and a once a week Cypriot and Greek night immersing guests in the local culture, Mayfair’s entertainment programme has something for everyone.