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Avakas Gorge Natural Trail

20th Apr 2022

Avakas Gorge Nature Trail is a popular hiking & adventure destination with a dramatic canyon, water views & wildlife. One of the most exciting masterpieces of nature in the Paphos region is perfect for people who love walking and challenges.

Avakas Gorge was created thanks to the turbulent stream of the Avgas River and the rocks’ erosion. The ravine walls are 30 meters high and built of limestone. The gorge trail is a 3-kilometre long section along and over the creek.
The road leads through many stones, boulders, slippery rocks and hills to overcome. Water drips from the walls in some places. Due to the unique environment created by shade and moisture, you can find here – pines, cypresses, junipers, local wildflowers and many more.
Avakas Gorge is rich in various forms, colours and creatures. On your way, you can meet multiple wild animals like foxes, hares, hedgehogs, birds, butterflies, and many reptiles.
Birds found here are: falcons, kestrel, crows, ravens, owls, partridges (partridge), wild pigeons or endemic – Cyprus wheatear (Oenanthe Cypria), Cyprus warbler (Sylvia mesothorax, Curruca melanothorax – Cyprusus warbler) scops owl).
You can also see wild goats here. They walk along the edges of the walls and can therefore cause stones to fall. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s worth keeping in mind.
Spring is the best season for visiting Avakas, summer might be too hot, and there might be too much water during the winter.
While packing for your trip, remember to take an adequate amount of drinking water and food. There are no shops nearby. Comfortable shoes, suitable for overcoming demanding terrain, are a must.
You can always ask our reception team for any questions regarding local attractions, directions, and tips. They are here for you!